High School After Being to Uni

Let me tell you a thing.  As a possible education student, my Uni allows us (actually, it’s a do or die type thing) the chance to get observe teachers in the general area we want to teach. I hear this and I’m all like “SWEET!  THIS WILL BE AWESOME GETTING INTO A HIGH SCHOOL CLASSROOM!”

Today, I went to my placement school and got a big b**** slap in the face.  Here’s the deal, Uni gets you used to a certain pace where its like this;  It’s your first year, you’re sitting in class, taking notes, you’re starting Chapter 2, life is great. Then you happen to sneeze and BAM! You realize that your proff just finished Chapter 2 and you look around at your friends all like:







And said friends are like:

That’s just life, but eventually you come accustomed to the insanely efficient pace that is Uni.

However, if you’re in education like me and you go back to high school, you think class won’t be that bad.  However, if you’re like me, 10 minutes into your first class  back at high school and its like

The teacher did so much reviewing.  Don’t get me wrong, I think this teacher might be a really good teacher.  I’m sure he helps a lot of students get through high school chemistry with flying colours.

That being said, said teacher screwed up some information that probably doesn’t affect the average high school student, but like I said, Uni has done crazy things to me, and up until that point in my life I never knew how fast I could turn into Hermione Granger.  Seriously.  I was amazed, terrified and frustrated all at once.