I’m a university student majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Art!  I started this blog when I was pretty much 3/4 of the way through my second year in my program and I started this blog because I wanted to document some of my uni memories.  In the future I am hoping to become a Chemistry and Art high school teacher, but we’ll see how that goes.

I’m not entirely sure how I would describe myself.  Perhaps weird?  Definitely an introvert.  A tiny bit nerdy.  I have an undying love for peanut butter and chocolate.  I like explosions…which I really shouldn’t because those things can kill me.  My first passion in life is Art, despite my major being Chemistry.  My major used to be biology, but then I got bored of studying it/bad profs/for some reason I can only look at blood and gore if it’s on any type of screen.  If it’s right in front of me I get grossed out.  Also every time I did a dissection in high school I was terrified that the dead animal I was dissecting was going to magically come to life the second I cut into it and start screaming bloody murder. For some reason I thought I’d eventually get over this if I kept on taking Bio courses.  Therefore I switched to Chemistry!  I remember I fell in love with it when I saw my first ring flip.  My prof was showing the class how cyclohexanes are constantly ring flipping (if there isn’t a preferred configuration due to one configuration being more stable [possessing lower energy] than the other) with his molecular model set.  That was the best day ever second best day ever in uni.  My first best day ever was obviously during an Art class and my prof was playing his music on the iPod/iPhone dock we have in the studio and then Mad World by Gary Jules came on and everything just felt right.  I felt like I was finally where I was meant to be.  Which is really weird, because if you look at the lyrics, that song is kind of depressing.  However, I enjoy the melody more than lyrics when it comes to songs. Oh well!  I’m glad I had the experience.

I enjoy Psychology as a kind of side…thing.  It’s not really a hobby because I don’t actively pursue it on my own time, however the two Psychology classes I have taken, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning how people think (ie/ different learning theories).  I think it’s pretty neat stuff.

I enjoy Supernatural, Sherlock (BBC…DAMN YOU MOFFAT AND MARK GATISS), and Hannibal.  When I DO remember to watch Doctor Who I enjoy it…the problem is that I just don’t watch it all the time, and I’m nowhere near caught up.

Anyways, that’s me!  Expect shenanigans from this blog is all I can say!


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