Fall 2015 Grades


This is the best semester I’ve had yet! I’m so proud of myself; I had a full courseload with 200 and 300 level classes and my lowest mark was an A-! It’s amazing how much less stress I have now that I don’t have any classes with Demon Prof.

My next semester looks like this:


Winter 4th year

It blows my mind that I managed to have 1 day without classes. I really did try to get a full courseload, however because I’m in my fourth year, I’ve either taken all the classes offered on monday, wednesday and friday, or I don’t have the prereq for them. My only required classes are Art 232 (Drawing 2) and Chem 450 (Enzymes and enzyme mechanisms). Drama and Philosophy are option classes. I’m really surprised how hard it is to find some random class to take…but that’s what I get for going to a small campus.

I am a little worried about Drawing 2 and Enzymes because I’ve taken 2.5 years of straight up chemistry/science classes (about 11 chemistry classes) with only 1 Art class to break that up. Additionally, I will have a different prof that marks harder than the prof I took Drawing 1 with…and also I haven’t had a class with this prof for 3 years. So I may be a little rusty…but luckily I apologized to the prof last year for my rustiness!

For Enzymes, I’m worried because I have only taken 1 Biology class 3 years ago…and it was on dinosaurs and religion. There’s also rumours circulating that the prof is considering doing an oral final exam, which is where the prof asks you a question and you have 15 minutes to tell the prof everything you know. The good thing is that it is only 15 minutes instead of the usual 3 hours for written exams. The bad thing is that this prof reminds me of a high school teacher who was a really intense guy, so I have a lot of trouble making eye contact and presenting to this prof. Also, while I really respect this prof’s teaching style, I get really judgemental vibes from him. That combined with the fact that I know I’m going to be BSing my way through my answer is going to make it hard to sit across a table from him and completely make up an answer on the spot. I know I’m going to have to come up with something on the spot because in the 300 level class I took with this prof, the entire semester was “You’ve never ever seen this problem before. Solve it.” I won’t be surprised if that is what happens if he does go ahead with the oral final exam.

But oh well, that’s 4 months away. In the meantime, I’m so happy with my marks!!