I’m Alive

I’m still alive courtesy of this song on repeat: Alive by Sia

Sia always makes epic music. I’m pretty sure Alive is going to be my Finals Anthem.

My Directed Study has been going very well, it’s actually coming to a close now, I think I have one lab day left where I work by myself and then on November 25th I’ll be doing the Barking Sulfur experiment.

For my Directed Study, I researched/prepared 3 demonstrations for 2 presentations at a local high school. The demonstrations were a vitamin C clock reaction, cabbage indicator demo (you can actually do both of those at home), and a burning money demo. However, instead of burning money, I burnt my professor’s “notes” and all of the kids loved that. My prof also joined me and did his traffic light reaction, elephant toothpaste, and fluorescent materials demos. It was kind of weird because a month prior to the presentation, he asked if he could join (because he absolutely LOVES doing demos) and I had to remind him that he was sort of obligated to come because he had to be present in order to assign me a mark for the presentations. I feel like over the course of this Directed Study I have taught him a few things about being a teacher, and it isn’t like he’s a new prof, I’m pretty sure he’s in his 50’s. However, I found out that for some reason profs never take any education classes…WHICH EXPLAINS A LOT ABOUT MY FORMER PROF WHO I THOUGHT WAS A DEMON.

Speaking of the devil, demon prof is actually NICE to me now! Once, she opened a door for me and asked me how I was doing and I’m like:

When she asked me how I was doing, I told her that I was trying to get my Directed Study prof to let me set something on fire for my presentation and she LAUGHED and said “Oh, I know you’ll get fire into your presentation somehow”…and I DID. My presentation may have inspired future pyromaniacs. BUT BACK TO DEMON PROF. I think this means that after all the crap she threw at me, she actually LIKES me…even after I turned Transition Metals and Physical Chem labs into 3 hours where she had to deal with my shenanigans and she couldn’t leave. I don’t mean to brag, but before demon prof knew me, she was pretty uptight and several people quit Chemistry and changed their majors and all the Chem minors are avoiding her. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still Chem minors avoiding her and there are not a lot of Chem majors (lol, In my year I think there are only 2 or 3 Chem majors, including me…THAT’S how efficient demon prof is). However, she was significantly more chill in my last lecture + lab class with her (Physical Chem) than she was in my first class with her (Inorganic Chem 1) and now she’s even being FRIENDLY. Oh, how she has grown. I’m proud of myself for exhausting her to the point where she just chilled out.

In other news, I still got the touch in Art History! In the middle of my Art History midterm, I was all like “This is just a pile of crap, I’m going to die.” When I get to that point, I still tried to analyze the paintings I was supposed to, but there was a certain “fuck it” flavour to my response. For example, I was supposed to analyze this work of art using queer theory:

Naturally, my description of the scene was “…and the decor can only be described as FABULOUS.” I got a smiley face for that, it was great. I also got an A on that midterm, so everything turned out in the end! By the way, this is Yasumasa Morimura’s Futago; it’s a “queered” version of Manet’s Olympia.

Unfortunately, now in Art History we have covered psychoanalysis, and let me tell you, Freud was one crazy dude. Like, legit crazy. Anyways, I need to go to sleep before I get legit crazy.