I’m Still Alive!

So I know I went dead for a while there (lol for two entire months), but I’m still alive!!  Like I had mentioned in my previous post, I had a huge amount of work to do in March that also carried over into April.  I have been done my finals for a week now and it feels great!!  The best part of the whole ordeal of finals?  I FINISHED MY LAST DEMON PROF CLASS EVER.  I’ve already gotten the marks back for all of my chemistry classes and I got two A-‘s and a B+ (demon prof’s class).  I’m still waiting for my Anthropology mark but who cares! I passed all my important chemistry classes!  I shall never have 5 chem classes that all have labs ever again!

Also, I think I might have gotten into my directed study that I’ve been working all year to keep my GPA up for.  It’s still a little bit fuzzy because even though the prof who I’m doing the directed study under was like “yeah, I think you got it, because your directed study is in my schedule” and the academic advisor was also like “yeah, you pretty much have it” but at the same time I haven’t heard anything from the university, and the academic advisor is the ONLY person who can enroll me in that course. So, I’m kinda going like this right now:

So more about that later in the summer…but I have a feeling I’m going to meet with my academic advisor near the beginning of the next academic year to be like “FOR PETE’S SAKE, ENROLL ME!!”  I really wish I didn’t have to depend on my academic advisor, but that’s the process and I can’t do anything about it

Also, in the previous post I said I only was doing 3 chemistry classes?….Well…I think I managed to get myself into a fourth one.

But that was to avoid a drama class because those drama kids make us weirdos who call themselves artists look tame.  From my experience, out of all of the fine arts (art, music and drama) artists and music students are relatively on the same page as far as weirdness goes.  Meanwhile, drama kid’s weirdness is from an entirely different book.  Seriously, for a final project in drama, one kid presented in the middle of the campus, nearly naked and he was whipping himself with wire and dripping candle wax on himself as well.  THAT’S the level of insanity they operate at. So I’m retiring to the safety net of chemistry and taking an extra class that won’t count towards my major; it’ll just be for fun.