I Stand Corrected

The week I mentioned in the previous was pretty crazy–but that was just one week out of the semester!  I looked at the month of March and I realized that I have 27 assignments and 38 readings to do!  Oh boy.  If I survive March and remember to plan my classes for next year then I am sure that copious amounts of pizza will be eaten.

I can’t wait for next year because I’ll only have 3 chemistry classes to complete and none of them have labs, but I may just end up giving myself a lab if I get into the directed study that I’ve been slaving away the entire year for.  I know I’ve been a chemistry student for WAAY too long when I can’t help but feel a little bit lost at the prospect of zero labs.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when I transfer to the Main campus (the campus I’m at right now is a branch of a big university) and continue chipping away at my education courses and don’t have any labs at all (or even art classes!).  Perhaps my education placements will fill the hole.

Anyways, it has come to my attention that I’ve been writing this blog for a year now.  I haven’t looked back on my posts (haha, I probably shouldn’t be procrastinating by writing this post) because of the little time that I have, but I know school has been a roller coaster of a ride this past year.  I’ve gotten over challenges I couldn’t imagine myself on the other side of and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the time spent joking around with friends.  Here’s to the next roller coaster ride year!


Cray Cray

Now that I’ve recovered from last week, LET ME TELL YOU A THING.

Last week was absolutely crazy.  I’m actually surprised that I managed to average about 6.25 hours of sleep each night because I had so much due.  For labs, I had a formal lab report and two informal post labs, plus 3 pre-labs to hand in. I had a Phys chem midterm, which I thought I had done an epic fail on, but it turned out that I got 80%, a Sociology quiz, and a Analytical Chem midterm.  ON TOP OF THAT, I had a bunch of Sociology readings to do, so that I would have a hope in heck that I would actually know what on earth I was saying in the quiz (by the way, multiple choice tests are a god send), and I had more readings to do for organic chemistry 3 so that I would have an inkling as to what I was talking about.  However, as soon as the class collectively started talking about the topic, I realized that not only did I know nothing, but the class as a whole had no clue what we were doing….and the prof was all like: YOU MUST FIND THIS ON YOUR OWN, PADAWANS.  I WILL ONLY TELL YOU GUYS WHEN YOU’RE BEING RETARDS.  I’m finding that I don’t really like it when the prof does that because I don’t even feel like an adulty enough adult to figure this complicated stuff that should be easy–BUT IT IS NOT.  We were basically talking about why Azulene was blue and man the class struggled with a question that should have been simple but it was not.  I feel like I’m going to develop a passionate love/hate relationship with molecular orbital theory; it explains everything!  But it is such a pain because it gets really complicated really fast.
ie/ First year Molecular orbital theory:

Second year molecular orbital theory:

The one above is even still simple enough that humans can do it…anything more complicated than this probably has to be done by a computer.  By the way, molecular orbital theory isn’t just about drawing a bunch of lines, you have to understand the energy levels and what shape the lobes are and what promoting electrons between orbitals will all mean…etc.

Thank goodness it’s reading break right now, or else I’d probably go even more insane then I already am.