Winter 2015 begins

Oh my lord!  I had my first Organic Chem 3 lecture yesterday and my awesome prof talked about his son, who I call Stormagedon (Dark Lord of All), and his infant daughter.  I’ve decided that I’m going to call his daughter M, not because her name starts with a M, but because (Judi Dench’s) M from James Bond was a bad ass and also controlled MI6; while this kid obviously doesn’t control MI6, she clearly already controls my prof (she’s not even a year old, btw).  My prof opened the first day of class with a little story about his two kids and how he slammed the front door and was all like “Santa was just here!!” and Stormagedon was running around looking for Santa.  It’s just so adorable!!  It’s also beautiful to see how much my prof loves his kids.

In other news my printer choked and almost died on some Organic Chem 3 notes.  I’m not sure if I should take that as an omen of whats to come.  It didn’t help that it happened before my first O chem 3 class, and also my prof had to make the “don’t panic quite yet” speech because our labs are now worth the same weight as our midterms.  Which, granted that’s about 12.5 %, but when profs say something is worth the same as midterms, I start panicking and questioning my life choices.  Like why on earth did I choose a Chemistry major?  However, the answer is really easy: I got bored of biology, didn’t want to be a math and physics major (you can’t just major in one at my uni for math and physics), and I thought I would be blowing stuff up at this point in my academic career if I chose a Chem major.  But my disappointment in not being able to blow something up or even set something on fire is apparently typical of chemists because I’ve heard people say that chemists are never truly happy unless something is on fire…That pretty much describes about 80% of my personality.

Finally, I created a monster when I told my friends to re-imagine Macbeth, but taking death as one would in the (music) Baroque sense.  I hadn’t realized what I had created until my two friends started talking about some of the deaths in that play and then I was like “WHAT HAVE I DONE?!”


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