Transition Metals Rant

You know what I REALLY dislike?  The fact that I forget every time that after prof evaluations are done, they have free range to be assholes because nothing matters for classes anymore.  If you’ve been following this blog, you might have an inkling that I’m talking about my Transition Metals prof.

For example: before evaluations, my entire Transition Metals class (all four of us) had to give presentations on papers written by inorganic chemists who work with mainly transition metals.  I ended up kamikaze-ing my presentation and  based on my solid 82% and the comments I received such as: “your slides were well prepared with lots of figures.  The inclusion of the videos (they were actually gifs) during your question break was a good idea” … “the audience thought your presentation was fun and they liked the real-world application” I think I freaken showed that prof EXACTLY HOW YOU FREAKEN LECTURE AND MAKE CHEMISTRY INTERESTING AND NOT MORE COMPLICATED THAN IT NEEDS TO BE.

I kind of was marching to my own beat in that presentation because:

A) We weren’t supposed to have question periods in the middle of our presentations, rather we were supposed to have them at the very end.  However, since I was 1000% done with that prof I TOLD her I was going to have question periods in the middle to break up my presentation.

B) I essentially said “fuck it” to formality by including gifs, but I didn’t want to be boring.  Honestly, my paper that I chose was basically like “we synthesized this catalyst to see what it does for shits and giggles…and also because there’s nothing on asymmetrically substituted di N-heterocyclic carbene Pd(II) complexes.”  So it was a pretty simplistic paper.  I had to spruce it up SOMEHOW…so gifs from tumblr it was!

Anyways.  Point is that despite me outright ignoring some of this prof’s guidelines, she gave me some good feedback.  Now some of you may feel like I’m being too harsh on this prof.  NO, I AM NOT, because after evaluations were finished she proceeded to give the most confusing lecture on magnetism–which should have been pretty simple–but this prof decided to give us 4-5 formulas, which she inadequately explained with ZERO examples, but she mentioned “oh by the way you’ll have to know which formula to use and when for the final”.  I’m not even sure why she gave us some of the formulas because she just ended up manipulating some of the formulas to give different formulas.  Like do I use the original formula that you gave us?

and she did her usual “Any questions?” thing and I was like:

and of course all the smart people did their usual silence and the prof was like “Alright! Everyone understood it!”  Meanwhile, I’m like:

Seriously, when I think of this prof sitting in her office or being at home, this is what I picture her as:

“Hehehe how ELSE can I mentally break these students.  Particularly that one who looks like she’s 1000% done with this class.”

After the magnetism lecture she proceeded to K.O. my brain with different types of NMR–and it wasn’t the easy proton NMR–no we’re WAAAY past that.  We’re onto freaken F, P, and B NMR.  WHO USES BORON NMR????  Once again, she made that crap complicated and paired it up with either crappy examples or no examples at all.

Also, I am just so done with this class because all semester felt like we were learning non practical things that not even the chick hoping to get into scientific research would use.  I think the only thing I might be able to do with this information is bore my future enemies to death.  Luckily the final exam for this class is Tuesday, so all this suffering will be over soon.

Ok.  End of finals-stress-induced rant.


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