Creation vs Evolution Debate

I was watching Bill Nye’s and Ken Hamon’s debate on Creation versus Evolution.  I know by internet standard that it’s kind of old but I’d only watched the highlights of it, and I figured I should watch it while I was doing my chem homework.  (By the way if anyone hasn’t watched it and can work and listen at the same time I strong recommend listening to it, because it’s super interesting.  It’s right here if you need the link.  By the way, that is the full 2 hr and 45 minute thing.)  I did find it did have my attention for most of the time and it was quite engaging.  I obviously identified more with what Bill Nye said, but I did try to understand where Mr. Hamon was coming from.  Unfortunately, he said that we make these assumptions but for some reason he doesn’t make the assumption that the entirety of the bible is true?  Also he said that “energy or matter will never produce life”  Now I take “life” to mean organisms and I felt like he forgot that trees take energy from the sun, convert it into food, oxygen, etc.  and the plant grows and produces seeds. Animals then eat plants and therefore energy sustains life.  Heat is basically energy and let’s just talk about Pluto for a second.  To my knowledge, there is no life on Pluto because it is so cold because it’s so far away from the sun.  That’s some pretty good evidence for energy helping to produce life because life needs an energy source to draw from….plus heat make environments more inhabitable.  Yes there are cold places on earth, but notice that there is less biodiversity there than compared to somewhere around the equator.

I may have some things wrong about religion because I don’t really understand why people look to religion as the answer for the things that are around them and how they came to be.  I just don’t find “because God created it that way” to be that satisfying.  I don’t care what religion other people choose to believe in. I can see that it was kind of like a moral code (ie/ The 10 Commandments) and I can see for all the lack of technology people had way back when, that some mysterious deity being the answer to why things are the way they are, made sense.  I can see it as something that people may turn to for comfort in times of sadness or stress.

What I don’t understand is how people can just passively accept “because God made it that way” and not question it.  Why would you do that?  How is that satisfying?  Don’t you ever wonder WHY God made it the way that he did?  To my understanding, people probably don’t because everything God has done/made is perfect.  Which really makes me wonder  why some extreme religious people get their panties in a knot about homosexuals.  If God did everything perfect, it was a perfect decision to let humans have free will.  Due to God knowing all, I’m going to assume He would have known homosexuals would have come around at some point, and He was okay with them existing because that was his perfect design.

I could have some aspects of that wrong; I don’t know everything about Christianity.  I mean seriously, I thought for a while there that people drinking wine and claiming it was the “blood of Christ” was theoretical cannibalism.  I did try to get in on the whole religious thing, but it just felt like I got brainwashed and I did not enjoy that.

Obviously, as a science-y person and as a hopeful future science teacher I believe that science should be taught in science classes and not religion.  HOWEVER, I still think that people should be exposed to religion as well as science, but the place for that is not in a science classroom.  Religion can be taught in some other class or maybe have it’s own class because there are a lot of religions out there.


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