My Art Prof is Awesome

So today in my Art class I was working on a drawing that was on a light grey piece of paper and we had to define 3 objects: one was an egg, the other was a shiny object and the last was a glass object.  This is what my set up looked like

2014-11-19 17.11.59

So I’ve always had this problem where in drawings (especially drawings where I use conte) where I just can NOT hit black.  I think I’m pressing hard, and I think I’m getting pretty dang dark, however in reality I’m making a medium to medium dark grey.  But I’m a master at anything from white to medium grey.

So as my prof was walking around, he looked over my shoulder and said “alright, so now you need to really push your darks and get black.  To which I replied:  “I know it doesn’t look like it, but I AM trying.”  So my Art prof smiled and he was going to walk away but then he had an after thought and leaned back and then the best moment happened of my week happened.  He went like this:

To which I was like:

And apparently a Star Wars reference is all it takes for me to get to black!  It took a little while, but I DID IT!

Also, if you didn’t notice in the picture above, that dog food dish looks more like a metal top hat, and so my prof commented on it and he was all like “It looks like something from James bond”  To which I was like “OH MY GOD THE GUY THAT THROWS HIS HAT.” and my prof was like “HE’S IN GOLDFINGER”.  It was great.

I really am proud of my drawing, so at some point I’ll post it.  I know it’s got mistakes, but the glass actually looks glassy and I was so impressed with myself.


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