I’m a (slightly) terrible person

Ok, to fully understand this story I first have to mention a back story here.  I forget what grade I was in when we had to learn how to solve a problem where you had to work out some math on the numerator and the denominator and then you would eventually end up dividing it out.  Anyways, I wasn’t great at it in the beginning so I would occasionally get a zero in the denominator and of course I’d be like “What on earth do I do with this?” and then my teacher would be like “You can’t divide by zero.”   So I’d be like “What?  Why on earth can’t I do that?” and I think I must of either annoyed the teacher enough or the teacher just didn’t want to fully explain everything to me so my teacher just said “because if you do, you’re going to create a black hole.”

So naturally, due to my over active imagination and terrible math skills whenever I got a zero in the denominator I would have my own personal crisis.  I seriously thought that in those cases the fate of the world rested on my shoulders and if I didn’t get rid of the zero somehow we were all going to die.  I was a very gullible child, by the way.

So fast forwards to today. I was volunteering at the public library and I was working with kids because the person who usually did that job was away and I didn’t know where she was.  So a bunch of kids at my table were asking where this person had gone and I had said “I don’t know” but apparently that wasn’t a satisfying enough answer for them and they kept on asking until eventually I just blurted “She went to Hogwarts.”  For some reason they all accepted that as perfectly logical once I informed them that it was a magical school.

I turned into that teacher that tricked me so many years ago.  This is why I’m going to be teaching high school students because if I taught elementary students they would probably go home telling their parents unicorns are real or something and then I’d probably get into trouble.  I don’t think I’d be able to resist telling elementary students something like unicorns are real and all they need to do is go outside and look hard enough.


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