My lab got cancelled today!  It’s kind great, but at the same time I’m kind of sad because that means that all the scheduling for this lab gets pushed back a week.  Now here’s where I think that the universe has a cruel sense of humor; almost every lab I’ve ever taken, I have been in the lab section that is always the last to check out.  I try to schedule myself into the lab section which I think isn’t going to be the last one to check out but usually, by some twist of fate, my lab gets cancelled and BOOM! I have an extra week of labs.  EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.  I’m just hoping that maybe for one semester there’s one lab were I may be the first lab section to check out.

On another note, in my Transition Metal class we learned about the Laporte Selection Rule for d-d transitions and my prof was all like “It’s more of a guideline than a rule…” and then all I could think of was this:

But I didn’t get to enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean for very long because my prof then proceeded to break the entire class’s brains (all four of us).  I really think my prof just recently thought to herself “fuck it!  I only have 4 weeks to mentally break these people!” lol as if she hasn’t broke me already.  I’m still holding out hope that there might be some easy stuff at the end of the course, which isn’t realistic considering that said prof promised to make the transition metal course more difficult on purpose.  But a girl can dream.

Additionally, a cool thing that happened this week was that in my art class, we were given this assignment where we had to “draw” by ripping up dark grey, light grey or white paper and gluing it onto a black piece of paper.  We probably spent like 2.5 hours on this and after the class ended I had this massive headache, but the cool part was that the right side of my brain actually hurt more than my left side of my brain.  Which means the creative side of my brain was working overtime and the massive headache was just proof of my right side of my brain being more active than the left side of my brain.  I thought that was a pretty cool silver lining to that cloud and I told one of my friends and she was like “…I never would of thought of it like that…but that’s pretty cool that you can sit back and look at your headache that way.”

Lastly, I have to talk about my Analytical Chemistry class.  So this class happens at 10:30 am, and it’s always a luck of the draw if I happen to be fully functional before noon (but lately, I’ve been getting better for being functional because I’m not staying up until 2:00 am doing homework).  Anyways, so my prof was writing a chemical equation for EDTA (which is a compound used for purifying stuff in industry…it’s also used for chelation therapy and preserving foods…ANYWAYS) so I happened to be somewhat tired and I felt a yawn coming on and it didn’t feel like a really loud one so I was like “alright, no worries, nobody is going to notice this one” and I commenced the yawn.  However, the yawn was WAAAY louder than I intended it to be (…like the whole class heard it…) but apparently the yawn sounded somewhat like I was going “YAAAAAAAA” and I was cheering for EDTA/the chemical equation and the prof just whipped around and was like “THANK YOU” and the entire class just started laughing and a bunch of people looked at me.  My friend that was sitting beside me was just like:

Meanwhile I’m just like:


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