So I’ve finally made it to another school break and I’m all like “YES!  I CAN FINALLY RELAX AND SLEEP AND GO HOME!”

But then profs happen…and the moment I realized I just got locked into a long weekend of homework goes like this:

and my homework just whispers into my ear “it’s over” and I’m just like:


Seriously, every time a break comes up I’m hopeful that I won’t have THAT much work to do…but I swear every time a prof sees a break coming up, they assign a huge amount of homework, and then I stay up until 2 AM trying to “finish it” (lol, what is this feeling of “finishing” my homework?) and then I show up to class like this:

and then my prof is like:

More specifically, I’m talking about a Chemistry formal lab report that ended up being ~27 pages.  About 20 pages of that was typed and the remainder was calculations and UV-VIS spectra.  27 pages of PURE CHEMISTRY.  To put this into perspective, I usually write an absolute maximum of 10 pages for normal, not formal, lab reports.  I should probably explain why this is a bigger-than-normal issue here.  The break started on Thursday…my prof made this monstrosity due on Friday (AKA the 2nd day of a 4 day weekend).  Also, the entire class (comprised of a glorious 4 students) was essentially going

throughout the entire process of typing up the lab report.  Just every time we thought we had finished ONE part of the lab report, somebody would ask a question which would threaten making us do extra work, or someone would mention a requirement that the prof either talked about (to only one of us) or just never mentioned to anyone, and we’d all be like:

Somehow, I became the Supreme Holder of All Data and Trusted Smart Person That Definitely Won’t Make Shit Up.  Yes.  Me.  The most disorganized, artsy student in a third year transition metals chemistry class, who’s constantly wondering how I put up with this prof’s lab assignments.  Additionally, 89% of the stuff I say is me making a leap of faith and I’m hoping it works out (lets face it, art students do that all the time).  So one side of me is flattered and the other side is just dying of laughter because these other people clearly don’t know how much of an arts student I am compared to them (by the way, all the other people in my class either want to go into the medical, pharmaceutical, or mostly likely scientific research and they’ve all got Science  minors in addition to us all being chem majors).  One of the people in the class really admires that I have an art minor and she wishes that she could be like me and be left and right brained, because she is heavily left brained.  While I’m really flattered that she thinks that I have some sort of advantage because I can do both science and art, I can’t fully accept that compliment because I really don’t feel like being able to create art helps me at all in chemistry, and being able to do chemistry does not help me create art.  In any case, my brain gets confused because my art prof is telling me to be disorganized when drawing while simultaneously, my chem prof is telling me to be more organized.

I really did appreciate working with the 3 other students in my class, because we got talking and I found out stuff about them that makes them seem more like me, and we’re all kind of stumbling through this course together.  For example, our trans metals prof said “know the periodic table” and we all took that to mean “loosely know where everything is, so that you will be able to find it quickly on the periodic table I give you”.  However, when we all got the midterm, and the first thing we see is “Let’s start with some easy periodic table questions!  Which two elements are directly below cobalt?  Which two elements are directly above tungsten?  Name an element that is one of the coinage metals” and NONE of us looked at the periodic table when we were studying, so we were all going:

and we all were crying on the inside because thought we were going to die.  But we didn’t and it buffed out!


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