Resistance Update

Now that I’m done having a near death experience due to my Transition Metals midterm, I can update the results of my Resistance post.  I tried to find out what my art prof thought of my drawing without giving it away that I had drew it, but I think he knew it was me after I asked “did it work”  but he was cool with it.  He laughed and replied “IN YOUR DREAMS” and walked away.  Meanwhile, another prof (a drama prof) had seen the drawing and was all like “It was really good!”

Back to my Transition Metals class midterm–I was attempting to dislike my prof very strongly because there was two questions that really stumped me and also I have every right to be a bit grumpy at any prof when they schedule a midterm.  However, when I was walking out of the exam room with my prof, she was super nice to me introduced me to another lab prof (because I was interested in helping out with labs unfortunately I can’t do it because there’s no first year Friday labs).  I really appreciated her introducing me to the lab prof, but at the same time I’m thinking to my prof “Dude!  I’m trying to make you seem like a villain in my brain right now!  You’re supposed to be evil!  Why are you being so nice??”  I think she may be a decent person if I just knew her as a normal person and didn’t know her as my lecture and lab prof.

Speaking of Trans Metals, I was reading my lab manual for next week and…

2014-10-16 15.07.02

 2014-10-16 15.06.52



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