I'm creating a resistance.

No Homework Ninja is here to save the students who have art class on Tuesday!

So on Thursday night I got the bright idea that my art prof needs to be met with futile resistance for when we all get back from the Thanksgiving holiday break (there’s no art classes on Friday, so that’s why the resistance is for Tuesday).  My drawing is the badass ninja (I named him the “No Homework Ninja”) and what made it even better is that another random student joined in with Gandalf!  I’m hoping that other art students might join in on this so that my art prof is welcomed back with an army of “NO HOMEWORK” but we’ll have to see.  Additionally, my art prof will never suspect that it was me because I’m not in the Tuesday/ Thursday classes–I’m in the Monday/Wednesday class.  But I have friends in the Tuesday/Thursday classes so I’m going to get them to tell me his response.  So either the prof is going to laugh it off and not assign them homework…or laugh evilly and still assign them homework.

I did all this because said art prof assigned my class homework over the thanksgiving break, so I’m giving him a little hell back.  I’m also thinking of doing this again sometime in November because I don’t have any art classes in the winter semester, so I gotta raise a little hell while I still can.


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