A Spoonful of Apathy


Nothing but the truth on tumblr.  Sometimes when I’ve been in level one for too long I think  that there must be something wrong with me, and that I should really be caring more because these marks are my life.  These marks are what decide if I get to come back for another year!  But then another hell week hits and I’m just like:

And then I go on my merry way to finish homework that’s due the following day.

Additionally, people have told me, “Third year is, like, your easiest year!”  Considering that my third year is essentially my hell year, I concur. By the way, if I happen to survive, I am going to thank every deity that ever existed and celebrate by eating pizza or ice cream in aftershock.

Honestly, right now, third year is the year where I am just permanently stuck in “I don’t give a crap” mode.  Mind you, I’m still getting good grades, so that helps keep me comfortable in that mode.  The good thing about this situation is that I’m not anywhere near as stressed as I used to be when I was in first year and the first half of second year.

Lesson learned?  A spoonful of apathy helps hell week go by.


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