This is Why You Read The Syllabus

So on my internet prowls and weekly lurkings I’ve heard people be all like “Who reads the syllabus anyways??” or something along those lines.  Personally, I couldn’t disagree more with that attitude.  READ THE SYLLABUS.  THAT IS A FREAKEN IMPORTANT PIECE OF PAPER.  SERIOUSLY.  I do understand why people have that attitude, because I used to have the exact same one, but I’ve learned the hard way that it has a lot of useful things in it.  Also, due to taking an Education class, I feel like I can better use it to my advantage, rather than just being like “Yeah, the Course Objectives section is useless”. Course objectives are a good thing to look at when you’re studying for the final to give you an idea of what will show up.

SO! To demonstrate, I’ve taken a syllabus from one of my many Chem classes I will be taking this year and I’ve broken things down.




Before that education class, I just skimmed down to the bottom and read when midterms and assignments were.  I would be missing course objectives and not to mention complete assignment descriptions.  Honestly, I don’t like reading anything that my profs give me or tell me to read, but this is the one thing that I try to read before the class even starts (the only problem is some profs will wait to post it after the first class).

On a different note, my classes have started and I’ve had my first Art class and my prof reminded me why I thought he was so awesome (don’t get me wrong, I know both of the studio art profs and they’re both pretty awesome).  Here are some quotes “I promise you, by the time you finish this class, you will have SUPERPOWERS!” “If you’re going to stink, stink BIG” “Leaves are a BITCH”.  I feel like I need to explain the second one.  It was part of what I dubbed the ‘fail talk’ which was basically where my prof told us that it was okay to fail because you learn the most from your failures.  I’m really glad that this prof includes that in his first day talk, because students really are scared of screwing up in art.  Also, it makes the atmosphere of the classroom feel more relaxed and friendly.

Some people may not like profs swearing or think that it’s really unprofessional, but (as long as it’s not towards a student, obviously) I really don’t mind it.  If anything, I feel more comfortable around profs who occasionally swear, because it makes them seem more human.



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