Not even a full week

I haven’t even been back at my uni for a full week (actually, it’s been 3 days) and my group and I have already fallen back into rhythm…and when I say RHYTHM, I mean it.  For example: one of my friends, who is a vocal performance major, started singing that cup song from Pitch Perfect (If you don’t know what I’m talking about here it is) and before he finished the first line my two other friends and I had joined him and we even got a first year to harmonize with us.  We were in the cafeteria line up, by the way.  There was so much win there, and it sounded amazing for impromptu.  Thank you random first year for joining in.  The rest of the first years that were standing around us were so awkward while we were singing because they couldn’t handle the pure AWESOMENESS that we were radiating.

I’m currently working on making the beat with just my hands (no cup) so that we can enjoy our version with a beat.  I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS SO HARD TO PRODUCE A CONSISTENT BEAT WHILE OTHER PEOPLE ARE SINGING.  So I will forever have a new respect for drummers.


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