what the frickity frack

*le me cruising tumblr*

dafaqMe: This can’t possibly be real.


Now, please let me direct your attention to the bottom result in this picture.


Naturally, I investigated the website.  I was not let down.


I love it when people start talking about the zombie apocalypse.  It’s always a fun idea to toss around with friends because while I’m all like “I’M GOING TO CABELAS AND I WILL GET WEAPONS AND HIDE IN THE TAXIDERMY THEY HAVE THERE!” Then one of my friends was just like “screw living, I’m just going to get turned into a zombie so I don’t have to worry about that.”

I might also just go get a gang of rednecks so that they can all be like “HOLD MY BEER, IT’S TARGET PRACTICE TIME” when the zombies come. My redneck gang and I can either camp out at Cabelas or Costco.  Actually, Costco might be a better place to go because it has NO WINDOWS, therefore it’s easier to defend.  If it’s possible, we might train some wolverines to kill zombies.  I’ve thought about this a bit because this is just one of the bazillion things that plague my mind when I can’t fall asleep.  I’m not a super doomsday prepper, because zombies really wouldn’t be able to walk (saying that they did have the brain power to walk) because rotten ligaments/ tendons/ muscles would make it hard to walk.  Plus, zombies wouldn’t have a beating heart so they wouldn’t have functional brains and hormones wouldn’t be produced or transported to tell them that they’re hungry.  But if shit goes down, be rest assured that I will definitely be hoarding toilet paper.


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