No, I’m not pregnant.  If I was I think I’d start crying and eat 3 lbs of Nutella and then die because of a Nutella overdose.

ANYWAYS.  During the summer, for the last couple of years, I have coordinated a Summer Reading Program at my local library.  Since I’m working with kids, no two days are the same and I enjoy it.

That being said, the best part of my job is hearing kids come up with explanations for things.  It’s hilarious.  For example, today one of the kids told me he was boiling hot.  So I told him that it was because he was wearing a sweater in the middle of summer (it was quite hot outside, and for some reason inside the library was also quite hot).  However, the boy told me I was wrong and then proceeded to explain the obvious answer; the reason he was boiling hot was due to the fact that his mother was pregnant with him during the warmest winter she had ever experienced.  So obviously, since he was a fetus in warm conditions he was forever doomed to remain hot.

I didn’t bother re-explaining to him why he was hot, mostly because it’s just a Summer Reading Program and not school.  I’m not really focused on telling kids “No, you are wrong” whenever they try to explain something because honestly, they are told enough in school how things actually happen.  I’d rather hear kids using creative ways to draw conclusions to explain how they think things happen.

On that note, it amazes me just how naturally creative all kids are.  However, at the same time it makes me sad that by the time those kids get to grade 10, a lot of that creativity has been shut off mostly because of the dominating importance subjects of such as Science and Math.  Don’t get me wrong, those subjects ARE important.  But I believe that subjects such as Art are also just as important as well.  However, our society is so focused on rules, facts, and the “right” answer and in that environment, it’s kind of hard for creativity and wild ideas to occur.  Yes, Art has some “right” ways of doing things–like anatomy.  But, to me that is just a very small thing.  The larger idea of Art is to help people express themselves.  I know I am specifically talking about visual art here–but other art forms like performance art or literature have the same idea and I value the arts just as highly as I value my beloved Chemistry.  Yes, science can teach you how to use logic and reason your way through problems, but Art forces you to use different parts of your brain that science doesn’t even touch.  Science just can’t be as emotional as Art can.  Science can’t really teach you out-of-the-box creative thinking.  Yes, there is meaning to science and we can derive meaningful information from data.  However, unless you’re told by someone what exactly that data means, the average Joe doesn’t have a clue what all that data means.  Art speaks to everyone on a more intimate level.  I think it’s quite wonderful that in the visual arts, instrumental music, and in dance performances one (or a group) of human beings can communicate to another human being exactly how they feel or what they’re thinking without saying a single word and that person can probably personally relate to that human being, who has laid their emotions out in from of them, and mentally say “I understand you”.  I just think that Art is amazing because we can create something magical from simple materials in a universal language.  You don’t absolutely need to go university to understand it.  Another great thing about Art is that there isn’t just ONE way to see something.  I absolutely love the fact that different people can derive different meanings from a single piece of art because of their own experiences.

Needless to say, I’m one of those people who really get pissed when people say “Oh, I can’t do Art…you’re so good, I would never be able to do that.”  I honestly want to look at people in the eye and yell at them that I’ve been drawing since I was three (mind you, those were of course very simple drawings)–I’ve been creating art for well over a decade.  I really wonder why people get this attitude of “either I’m instantly great, or an absolute failure” with art.  Were most people geniuses when they started learning how to add? NO.  Were you able to lift 300 lbs when you first started exercising at the gym? NO.  Think of creating art like you are training for something.  You’re not going to be an Olympic weight lifter the second you begin.  You are training your mind and body (mostly the mind, but a little bit with your body).  It’s going to hurt on the first day, because you’re not going to be creating masterpieces, but you will get better over time as you continue to train.  Yes, there is a little bit of talent involved in art.  But honestly, I’d say it’s 2-3% talent and 98-97% hard work/perseverance.  Nothing worth having comes easy, and having the skills to create art is no exception.

…………………Well…..that Art rant was kind of unexpected…I swear I came here with the intentions of making a short little funny post on that kid at my Summer Reading Program.  But to finish up that whole rant about creativity being “shut off”.  Yes, I know I probably shouldn’t be saying that because I want to eventually be a teacher—a Chemistry teacher at that (I also want to be an Art teacher, because that’s my minor).  I hope that if I do get an art teacher position, I will be able to inspire creativity.



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