That’s Pretty Accurate

I found this today, and this describes my life for 8 months every year very accurately.

I mean seriously, my Biology guy friend, who gets ways too impressed by normal stuff decided to pop a test on me and was all like “WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUT ACETONE ON STYROFOAM?!?!”

Me: “I don’t really care.”

Bio guy friend: “COME ON, THIS IS YOUR MAJOR!!”

Me: “Fine. It melts.”

Bio guy friend:Al Bundy


It is ridiculously easy to make myself look like I acutally know what I’m talking about in front of that guy.

Meanwhile my Inorganic Chem prof is all like “What happens when trimethylaluminum reacts with water?”

Me: *Derping out*


I really like the last two pictures, because sometimes I think I’m doing really cool shit in the lab, then I realize there’s a 30 minute period of reflux to do (or even worse, 1 hour!) and there’s nothing to do but WAIT.

I think the guy in the picture is doing a Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) plate, and the worse thing you can do is sit there and watch your plate.  Seriously, do ANYTHING but watch it.  Light a Bunsen burner, do some cleaning, figure out string theory.  DO SOMETHING.

For all the normal people out there, what you do for a TLC is you dab your product onto a plate and then you dab your starting material on the plate as well then you set it in a beaker that has like 5 mL of eluent in it (basically, a liquid that your plate sucks up) and what the eluent does is it drags your product and starting product up the plate as far as it’ll go (which is usually halfway up the plate).  Basically, just think of putting a piece of paper in a glass that has a little bit of water in it, and just imagine the water creeping up the paper, against gravity.  IT TAKES FOREVER AND A DAY.



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