My Organic Chem Lab Prof is So Cute

Okay, so I think most university students are somewhat aware of the fact that science students all have to do a sort of “locker checkout” at the end of each semester, just to assure the university that no, you weren’t an irresponsible scientist.  Although, I can see the locker check list being a check list of shame for some students.  Magically, this semester I picked the lab section that all the butter-finger/drunk people in the class decided to pick as well.  So I can see a lot of people in my lab section being all like: “10mL grad cylinder? Yup, broke.  Erlenmeyer? Yup.  600 mL beaker….HOLY SHIT GUYS I MISSED THIS ONE!!! HALLELUJAH!”

….I should probably start writing about what I intended on writing about here.

ANYHOO!  I finished my locker checkout and I noticed that my lab prof was busy.  So I thought, “Oh, I’ll tell her to have a good summer after I grab my stuff”.  Now, there’s a thing I need to tell you about my lab prof.  She is either the coolest and oldest aunt-like figure, or the freaken most bad ass grandma figure I know.  She marks sort of hard, but she has good reason.  Also she’s from South Africa so she has a wicked awesome accent (although I’ll admit it took me a while to adjust to it).  She’s super friendly (after you get over how terrifying her accent makes her sound) and she also loves to occasionally joke around.  For example, she was laughing at our lab section because we have to stay here while it’s being miserable outside, while she gets to go back to some where in South Africa for +30 degree weather.  All of us were either were jealous or said “nope, I like the cold”.

Then she was all like: “Ugh. Typical Canadians!” to the later group of people.

Anyways, this lab prof made my day when I went out of the lab to grab my backpack.  I was putting on my backpack and looking down at the same time then I looked up, and lo and behold, there’s my lab prof being all like “I wanted to see you and here you’re all disappearing, what is this?!”

I almost died inside because that warmed my heart so much.  I also almost said “AWW!!” out loud and gave her a hug.  But I resisted the urge.  My lab prof even wished me good luck on my finals and I mentioned I’d see her in Organic chemistry 3 and she gave me this great big, warm smile.  It was so cute.  I’m sure she said other stuff but I was dying too hard on the inside because I wasn’t even gone a full minute and my prof had already tracked me down and was all like “I WANTED TO SAY GOODBYE TO YOU!!”  I felt loved.



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