Cycle of University

Even though I have only been going to university for two years, I feel like every year I go through this cycle of how obsessed I am with chemistry.

Over the summer, like every student, I dump all of the info I learned, because seriously, if you give anyone a 4 month break, they’re not going to remember crap by the end of those 4 months.

However, September hits and all my chem profs be like “SO I ASSUME YOU REMEMBER EVERYTHING FROM LAST YEAR”

And I’m looking around like:

So my profs be all like: “Remember MO theory?  Well, you were working on homonuclear diatomic molecules, and NOW we’re going to be working on heteronuclear diatomic and polynuclear molecules!!  I’m assuming you remember how to draw MO diagrams.”

Me: The "Sure, Whatever You Say"

Sure, I kind of remember that!

Then we actually got into MO theory and there’s suddenly all of this orbital diagram drawing and the spaces between the atomic orbitals suddenly matter because the more electronegative the atom, the lower it is in energy.  And I’m just sitting there being all like:

The "I Literally Cannot Even Begin to Understand"

“Where did this sorcery even COME from?!”

And trying to extract that information from my memory usually goes like this:

The "Nope"

Seriously, youtube and ChemWiki were my best friends at the beginning of the fall semester because my Inorganic prof was assuming we knew a lot of stuff that I’m pretty sure we never learned.  However, just like the plot of a horror movie, my prof moved on to bigger and more terrifying things.  However, at some point in the semester, something usually clicks for me and I realize that I’m actually learning freaken cool  sciency stuff that finally makes sense and I really get into all of the new stuff that I’m learning, and I be all like:

The "Kind of Totally Freaking Out Right Now"

However, there’s always the small problem when somebody (AKA my siblings/parents/friends/extended family) ask me what I’m learning in school and I’m just all like *deep breath* “Oh let me tell you about the WORLD of chemistry!” and by the end of the conversation the other person is going:

26 Black People Not Amused By White People | Distractify

And I just look at them like:

The "Proud of You"

And then the school year ends.

I pretty sure my family believes that I no longer speak English, and I still have 2 more years worth of chemistry to do.

A thanks goes out to Jensen Ackles for perfectly describing my science feels.

Quick example of sciency awesomeness (this is a steam distillation set up):



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