It’s that time of year again!

Well, it that glorious time of year again where the second wave of mindterms is in full swing, finals are just lurking around the corner, labs are finishing up, AND EVERYTHING IS DUE. So it’s understandable that all the uni students are going:

I love Cam

It’s also time to get my life together for next year (planning classes) and I’m pretty sure that I don’t value my sanity anymore.  Actually, I’m pretty sure that I have none left, thanks to chemistry.  Sometimes, when I’ve been doing homework for too long, I think about what profs must think in September when they see all of the first years…I’m pretty sure this is an accurate description of what goes on in their brains.

Hannibal & Will

Sometimes I can hear the dwindling amount of sanity I have left say “fuck this shit, I’m out of here!”  It’s also these same sometimes that I wonder why I pay people to stress me out.  Hopefully it’s worth it in the end :)…

And if it isn’t, I’m screwed.


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