My O Chem Prof is Awesome

Despite the fact that I often bitch about assignments and profs, I actually do love attending university at my campus.  Since its a bit of a smaller sized campus, I can’t go anywhere without seeing somebody I’m friends with, or a prof whose class I’m in, or just a person I’ve seen in one of my classes.  One of the huge benefits to a smaller campus is that it kind of operates like a small town.  Everybody knows almost everybody (Seriously, I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve played the “hey, do you know this person?” game), and the profs are really friendly.

For example, my Organic Chemistry 2 prof agreed to see me after class in his office, despite the fact that he wanted to get home quick because his son (who I call Stormagedon, Dark Lord of All) was sick, all because I had forgotten my lab write up sheet that had an H-NMR spectrum on it.  So I was running like mad to my dorm room, saw a friend that was trying to withdraw from my O Chem prof’s general chem class, told her that he would be in his office, so she was all like “SWEET!  I’VE BEEN TRYING TO SEE HIM FOREVER” so we both grabbed our things and ran like mad to his office.  He signed my friend’s withdrawal papers, answered her question about smoothing 3D printed objects via chemical means, and you could tell he was super interested in 3D printing.

My friend had then left and he sat down and patiently explained to me what the mess on my H-NMR spectra was and why it was like that.  Since the H-NMR was part of a lab assignment, and that lab had been a paper lab (just what it sounds like, you work through problems for 3 hours straight) this prof asked me how it went, and I was all like: “Well, I don’t really like paper labs because its loud and I swear I get ADHD because there’s so much going on around me and it doesn’t help when I’m working with someone I don’t know because I typically think backwards compared to everyone else.  Like I did a mark sheet in my educational computing class and the prof asked me if I read Hebrew because it was all backwards.”

And my prof was all like “…You think backwards compared to everyone else? ME TOO!”

And there I was all like:


Thinking: “Hold the fuck up.  What?”

My prof: “Yeah, I don’t understand how people can’t see a two dimensional drawing in 3D.”

Me on the inside:

one of my favorite gifs EVER :D


I think I just stared at him for a couple of moments, and I think he was talking about more chem stuff that he didn’t understand why people couldn’t do, but I was too happy to even hear what he was saying.

I don’t think my O chem prof realized just how happy he made me by saying that.  Seriously, that was on Friday and its been a whole 24 hours later that I finally found somebody that thinks like me, and I’m still super happy.


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