This is What University is For

I have to say that yesterday was the best, most relaxing day I’ve had in a long time.  I believe one of my friends summed up the day the best: “Today is what I always thought university would be like when I was in high school”.

Believe me, I started out with the intentions of catching up my Inorganic Chemistry review outline at the city’s public library, however, the guy friend I caught a ride with was all like “WE SHOULD WATCH A MOVIE TONIGHT AT THE THEATER!” and so we decided that we all needed to watch the second 300 movie, because what better way to relieve stress than to see an epic battle (not to mention ab heaven).  By the way, its an alright movie.  If you just want to see lots of epic fights, CG’d blood, and learn some of the back story to the first 300 movie, then go right ahead and watch it.  Oh, and the opening scene has boobs in it for some reason.  I’m not sure why those were needed but, whatever.  Probably just for the male audience.  I still don’t understand why guys are so turned on by boobs, the guys I’ve talked to can’t even really explain it either.  I’m all like, “What is so fascinating about boobs?!”  and my guy friends were all like “Dude, its BOOBS.  Like…real BOOBS.  They’re all squishy…and…fun…and…boobie.”

Otherwise, I would say that the first movie was better (not to mention more iconic with the “THIS IS SPARTA!!!” scene).  This second movie had moments where it felt too much like a video game.

Anyways, the best part of going to the theater was not movie, but more so the comments we made during the trailers and the movie.  For example, when the Godzilla trailer came on and it had a moment of pure silence in the theater, and they were showing the sheer monstrosity that is Godzilla, my friend yelled out “IT’S GODZILLA!!!!” and the entire theater started laughing.  Also, when the sex scene came, I turned to said friend and said “Jeez, this sounds like what comes out of my can mate’s room every night” right when she was taking a big gulp of pop.  Needless to say she was cursing me and laughing along with some other friends, because we all know how true that statement was.  Seriously, people.  If ya live in dorms, you WILL hear sex noises.

We came back to the dorms, got yelled at for being loud then crashed at my dorm room and stayed up til 1:30 am.  And yes, the party did include french braiding one of my friend’s boyfriend’s hair because he has long hair, much to his embarrassment.  Seriously, though, any guy with long hair is just asking for that to happen to him.  So let that be a warning to any guy with long hair.  Girls WILL find you and your hair WILL be braided, sooner or later.  My friends also mocked my can mate (who, luckily, had gone home for the weekend) by loudly mimicking animal sex noises, which included turtle sex, and howler monkey sex.



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