Today I found out that I really shouldn’t stay up until 2:00 am 3 consecutive nights in a row (I had to write a 27 page post lab report) and then show up to an Inorganic class wired on coffee.  Apparently, at that point I am no longer able to determine what charge a central metal atom has on it, unless it is +1 or smaller (btw, transition metals usually aren’t negatively charged [but as always, there is an exception to that]…so really I was only capable of determining a +1 or 0 charge).  I found out that apparently when I’m overtired and wired at the same time, my usual filter that I have for lectures just disintegrates.

I most likely had this facial expression on the entire class:

For example, after scramble-frying the entire classes’ brains with a somehow even more complicated explanation of H-NMR (MOAR SPLITTING from Phosphorus, Carbon…elements with abundant isotopes). And this prof was all like “Alright does everyone understand?”


This is my new favorite reaction gif. I’ll be using it a lot.  "Am I studying for this exam like I should be?"  "Am I gonna pass the e...

prof: Has anyone started studying for the quiz that is going to happen in 5 days?  Remember I want you to remember up to Radon, plus there will be the new material on the quiz as well.


This is my new favorite reaction gif. I’ll be using it a lot.  "Am I studying for this exam like I should be?"  "Am I gonna pass the e...

The good thing is, is that I remember up to Germanium already, and we only have to memorize the s, p and d blocks.

Also, today I had a really quick Inorganic chemistry lab.  It was glorious! Only one hour!  The draw back to that lab was that we were working with Cyclooctadiene, and for those of you that have a social life, that translates into:  a clear, colourless liquid that smells bad.  Seriously.  We had 3 fumehoods going, most of the windows were open in the lab, and it still smelt fairly strong.  When we were finished the lab and I walked outside, my nose started to hurt because it was finally able to have an intake of fresh air.



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    • Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed my post!

      Thank you so much for nominating me! I am so new to word press that I didn’t even know that existed! It’ll take me a while to get done all of the rules (uni is so crazy right now). But I’ll get to it eventually.

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