Dorm life

Dorm life can be good…crazy, but good.  In first year, dorms was pretty much where I met at least half of my friends.  The other half was through classes.  In first year, I also had the fortune of rooming in one of the tamer halls, where my next door neighbors weren’t having sex all the time.  My hall was full of all of the smart, just-want-to-have-fun kind of girls.  Don’t get me wrong, there were still most of the typical groups you could expect to find in a dorm hall.  For example: the weirdos (my group), the transporter ( a chick who no one ever saw in the hall, bathroom or cafeteria, I only saw her in one of my classes and even then I only realized that she was in my class at the end of the semester), the good musicians, the bad musicians, the tricksters, etc.  In first year, there isn’t really a divider line between science and art students just yet.  Everyone is too desperate to make new friends to care about that.

If your first year was great, like it was for me, then second year can get….interesting, lets say.

First, you will be easily able to tell who in fact is an art student and who is a science student.  The science students will also be able to tell who is in an artsy science (psychology, political science) and who is in a more of a “sciency” science (for lack of better word).  Art students also do this at my campus…for example out of the three major artsy arts (fine arts, drama, and music), I feel like drama people just come up with the CRAZIEST stuff for group projects that even make me wonder what is going on.

Secondarily,  if you weren’t neighbors with someone who has sex at least once a week, you will be in second year dorms.  Hearing sex at least once is a guaranteed part of the dorm experience. Actually, just dealing with loud people at least once a day is a guaranteed part of the dorm experience.  My can mate (person I share a semi-private bathroom with) is one of these loud, talkative people.  Sometimes I sit in my room, listening to her talk all day and I legit think that she is some twisted alien from hell that has a bottomless pit of gossip to talk about.  There are some days where I need to see the Hulk smashing Loki into a floor to make me feel better about my can mate.  Actually scratch that, every day I need to see this gif to help me deal with her.

Hulk Smash (Loki)  I feel better already.

For some reason this chick has taken it upon herself to release herself of bathroom duties such as re-stocking the toilet paper when it is her month to do so.  Don’t even get me started on her cleaning schedule.

I would like to say that I can understand why most people do the things they do, if they use reason and logic…but there will always be those bizarre people that seem to have crawled straight out of Satan’s ass.

Lesson learned? trying to smell the color 9.


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