IR Spectra

Every time I successfully complete an IR and walk out of the room where the FT-IR is located, this is what I feel like:

Greatest entrance ever -- The Emperor's New Groove (gif)

*Que “Stutter” by Marianas Trench*

Today’s lab involved doing 3 IR’s in KBr pellet form with Ferrocene, Acetyl Ferrocene and a derivative of Acetyl Ferrocene (which I think is called 1-ethanol ferrocene).  So you can imagine how much I was grooving on my way out of the IR room.  Additionally, nothing makes you feel more like a boss when you can interpret IR spectra just by looking at it, and not looking up what all the peaks mean.

For normal people, this is what an Infrared (IR) spectrum looks like:

140306-181648 Ignore that huge peak in the middle, that’s just carbon dioxide.


Also for normal people: Yes, you are pretty much interpreting a squiggly line into a compound.  Also, those things that look like valleys are actually called peaks.


Also, every time that I get close to the end of a lab (usually at the recrystallization stage) this is me:

It's dinner time!  The Emperor's New Groove is now available in a 2-Movie collection!

Sometimes I wonder what lab profs must think of me when they see me in this kind of a mood, but then I remind myself that I’m an introvert and I don’t actually show 75% of the emotions that I feel around people I don’t really know.


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