At Least 30% of Chemistry

Don’t get me wrong, I love Chemistry.  I especially love Organic Chemistry. And even more specifically, I love arrow pushing, because its like problem solving with pictures and the occasional handful of letters.  Life generally makes sense when arrow pushing happens.

(For those who don’t know what arrow pushing is)



However, I think a requirement of all chemistry students is that their minds have to be as flexible as those wacky waving inflatable tube men.  This is a requirement because about 70% of Chemistry involves giving students rules and 30% of Chemistry is throwing those rules out the window.  I swear, this week, both of my Chem profs threw rules out the window this week.  And I’m all like:

ANOTHER RULE?  OUT THE WINDOW? WHAT DO THESE RULES MEAN ANYMORE??  What about the 18 electron rule?  Sorry, not for big clusters, metals at the bottom of the triads, or metals on the left side of the transition metals….Oh and metals on the far right of the transition metals have a tendency to have 16 electron square planar complexes.  Don’t we need to activate OH by tacking on a hydrogen to the oxygen to make it a good leaving group? NOT in E1CB reactions!  That OH just LEAVES because it’s a bad ass!

In the wise words of one of my profs, “In Chemistry, we give you all these rules, just to break them.”


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