At least I had a cute partner

Turns out my chemistry partner was cute AND smart.


AND he didn’t even break any of my glassware! Okay, but when I say “smart” that doesn’t mean he went without his blonde moments…but he meant well.

Lab went ALMOST smoothly.  I say almost because I had poured myself 10 mL of concentrated (12 M) HCl, but then I noticed a flaky impurity, which caused me to promptly lean over the beaker to look at it and at the same time I breathed in through my nose…

Lesson?  NEVER breathe in HCl fumes because that stuff burns!

Naturally, that happened right in front of the prof, as stupid stuff usually happens.  The good thing is, is that my lab prof likes me, so my stupidity was forgiven.  And by the way, if you can–ALWAYS get into your lab prof’s good books, because let me tell you, it will do great things for you.  Sure, your marks won’t get bumped up (or they’re not supposed to), BUT they will help you a heck of a lot more if they like you.


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