At least I had a cute partner

Turns out my chemistry partner was cute AND smart.


AND he didn’t even break any of my glassware! Okay, but when I say “smart” that doesn’t mean he went without his blonde moments…but he meant well.

Lab went ALMOST smoothly.  I say almost because I had poured myself 10 mL of concentrated (12 M) HCl, but then I noticed a flaky impurity, which caused me to promptly lean over the beaker to look at it and at the same time I breathed in through my nose…

Lesson?  NEVER breathe in HCl fumes because that stuff burns!

Naturally, that happened right in front of the prof, as stupid stuff usually happens.  The good thing is, is that my lab prof likes me, so my stupidity was forgiven.  And by the way, if you can–ALWAYS get into your lab prof’s good books, because let me tell you, it will do great things for you.  Sure, your marks won’t get bumped up (or they’re not supposed to), BUT they will help you a heck of a lot more if they like you.


Group work…I swear I know what I’m doing!

"This is either madness or brilliance."  "It's remarkable how often those two traits coincide."  - the moment I realized this movie was going to be *way* better than it had any right to be...

Especially for group projects.  I feel like every time that I lead a group project, this always happens to me

"Thank goodness for that because if I wasn't this would probably never work."

I swear I know what I’m doing.  I really do.  My thinking processes just sometimes seem mumble-jumbled to other people when they don’t know what the final product will look like.

A prime example of this would be my current group project for one of my education classes.  My partner (thank goodness she’s the most patient person ever) keeps on asking me “Okay, how is this going to work?” and I’m all like “I swear I know exactly what I want to do and how I’m going to do it.  However, to fully explain it I would either have to take a really long time to tell you–OR to save on time, develop Spock’s mind melding ability.”

You see, the good thing about being a science student is that you can work alone well.  The bad thing is…you work well alone.  In labs, they make you work in partners for first year and depending on the class either all of second year or just the 1st semester in second year.  For example, in my Organic Chemistry lab, the lab prof has let us work alone, and that’s been fantastic.  I don’t have to talk to anyone unless I’m wondering where stuff is. Unfortunately, with this up coming lab because I actually have to work with someone I don’t know.  Which means I have to trust that they won’t even unintentionally fudge something up. Please, future random O Chem lab partner, be awesome!  But I gotta admit, this lab does sound cool, we get to make ASA! AKA Acetylsalicylic Acid AKA DRUGS! (I swear I’m not a drug addict…)


Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the education classes that going-to-be professors  have to take.  Or maybe I should rephrase that to be this: how on earth do professors develop this attitude:

college professors... smh

The good thing for me is that this is mostly the profs from the arts faculty and not from the sciences.  The bad thing is that education profs think along the same lines.  Do professors not understand that’s when I catch up on all the sleep that I missed because of classes?  And when I’m not sleeping, I’m stocking up on my Elixir of Life (Tim Hortons’ instant coffee) and some form of munchies.

Maybe one day I’ll discover the answer.

High School After Being to Uni

Let me tell you a thing.  As a possible education student, my Uni allows us (actually, it’s a do or die type thing) the chance to get observe teachers in the general area we want to teach. I hear this and I’m all like “SWEET!  THIS WILL BE AWESOME GETTING INTO A HIGH SCHOOL CLASSROOM!”

Today, I went to my placement school and got a big b**** slap in the face.  Here’s the deal, Uni gets you used to a certain pace where its like this;  It’s your first year, you’re sitting in class, taking notes, you’re starting Chapter 2, life is great. Then you happen to sneeze and BAM! You realize that your proff just finished Chapter 2 and you look around at your friends all like:







And said friends are like:

That’s just life, but eventually you come accustomed to the insanely efficient pace that is Uni.

However, if you’re in education like me and you go back to high school, you think class won’t be that bad.  However, if you’re like me, 10 minutes into your first class  back at high school and its like

The teacher did so much reviewing.  Don’t get me wrong, I think this teacher might be a really good teacher.  I’m sure he helps a lot of students get through high school chemistry with flying colours.

That being said, said teacher screwed up some information that probably doesn’t affect the average high school student, but like I said, Uni has done crazy things to me, and up until that point in my life I never knew how fast I could turn into Hermione Granger.  Seriously.  I was amazed, terrified and frustrated all at once.

Well, Here I Go…

Hello!  I’m mostly doing this blog for my own personal enjoyment so that when I’m old and (even more) crazy I can look back at this and have a good chuckle.

As the name of the blog says, I am a Chemistry student.  As of now I’m in my second year of my program.  I’m hoping to become a teacher, but we’ll have to see how that goes.

As most people know, University has a tendency to drive people crazy (or at least I think that, because the little remain of my sanity that was left over from high school was strapped to a rocket and launched off back in first year).  So I assume this blog will make very little sense.